The Mastertek
Leadership Academy

Effective leadership lies at the heart of all high-performing organisations.  Our decades of work with client organisations coupled with active research into what drives employee motivation and engagement inspired us to establish the Mastertek Leadership Academy –  with it’s mission to provide the support and tools emerging executives and senior leaders require to successfully build and maintain high performance teams.

As an academy member, your dedicated leadership coach will guide you through a step-by-step program designed to ensure your team has the focus required to deliver success in any context. The program starts with a self-awareness process, helping you understand and reflect on your own leadership style and impact.  From there we explore the make up of your team and their capabilities, styles and accountabilities.  The final phase of the program concentrates on your role in building and maintaining engagement across the team while working towards your shared goals. 

Our team work with some of the best known organisations in the country to drive organisational performance and for the first time we are creating an opportunity for ambitious leaders to access the knowledge and tools normally only available through our consuilting engagements.  Places in the program are limited to ensure participants have meaningful access to our consultants.  Find out more below and complete the expression of interest form to organise an obligation free opportunity to discuss the proram in depth.




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Personal Profiling

Development Planning

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Role Charters





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As a member of the Mastertek Leadership Academy you’ll benefit from:

  • An initial program orientation and overview workshop

  • 4 x quarterly 1-to-1 workshops covering  our Self, Team and Engagement strategies and techniques

  • Templates and tools to support practical implementation of your new leadership approaches and initiatives

  • Access to Mastertek’s consulting team for ad-hoc advice and support

  • Additional events that facilitate networking across our cohort of senior leaders

For further information, complete the form to the right and one of our team will be in touch to book time for a chat and overview of the Academy program.

Please tell us a little about your leadership challenges and objectives for the year ahead so that we can help you determine how our program a can be of benefit in that context.