REMConnect by Mastertek  |  Leading The Way In NSW Local Government

Our web-based REMConnect platform is now the leading choice for NSW Councils with over a quarter of the industry utilising our proprietary job evaluation methodology (MJES) and many more subscribing to access market insights in relation to salary levels and benefits provision across the industry.

Out  NSW Local Government Remuneration database includes coverage of over 180 roles across more than 20 job families which have recently been updated to ensure you can match as many of your roles to the database positions as possible.    Detailed information on all survey positions is provided at the click of a button to enable participants to make decisions with the confidence of know that the data you are referencing represents a like-for-like match with roles in your own organisation.

Find out more about the available reporting options below or visit our website for further information.

+  Our web-based tools enable detailed role-by-role reporting and filtering on demand
+  Summary level reports facilitate fast and efficient job pricing
Full package breakdown showing individual values for all allowances
+  Aligned to our leading job evaluation tool (M-JES) making salary decision making easier than ever 


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